• 【RUIJIA】四款胶原蛋白粉 补充袋  (65条)  (基本款) Refill Pack Collagen (65 sachets) (Blue)

Formulation: Powder

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Function: Health Support

Warranty: 1 year from the date of manufacture

【BLUE】 Ruijia Collagen Powder: Pure collagen from animal (fish) and plant (soy). Let you have basic choice for daily health care with the most affordable price. <Basic care, tighten and moisture skin>

Japan new technology: Hydrolyzed Peptide Collagen (3000 Dalton) 3000mg Fish peptide collagen made by Japan famous collagen company (Nippi) Each color added different 500mg compound ingredients for better absorption and effects Ruijia Collagen contain ZERO sugar, fats, seasoning, artificial and preservatives.

蓝色 补充袋:优质纯净胶原蛋白粉 (基本款)

日本百年膠原大廠 品質保證


【RUIJIA】四款胶原蛋白粉 补充袋 (65条) (基本款) Refill Pack Collagen (65 sachets) (Blue)

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