• V-Refine

Skin Type: All Types

Effect: Pores

Capacity: 35ml

Warranty: 3 years from the date of manufacture

V-REFINE gentle removes skin excess dead cells and clears clogged skin pores. Controls and reduces skin excess oil and enlarged pores. It also helps clarify the oily skin blemishes. Smoothens and refines skin texture.

V-REFINE温和地去除多余的死皮细胞和清理阻塞的毛孔。控制及调理过多油脂分泌,帮助缩小粗大毛孔。调理暗疮及炎症性皮肤。使皮肤光滑细腻。 DIRECTION: After skin cleaning and drying, apply V-REFINE onto face gently, especially on oily T zone. Morning and night.



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