• V-Milk (3 in 1)(Foam)

Formulation: Foam

Skin Type: All Types

Skin Concerns: Suitable for all type skin

Capacity: 155ml

Expiry Date: No expiry

Ingredient Type: Natural

Warranty: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Effectively clean skin dirt, impurities and make-up. Provide moisturizing, softening and toning to skin while cleansing. Mild formula, suitable to all skin types.

独恃的3合1配方既能有效地清除皮肤上的各种化妝, 也能深入溫和地清洁肌肤, 在清洁的同时为皮肤提供滋润和营养. 使皮肤光滑和柔软. 溫和安全配方, 适合于各种皮肤.

Direction: Apply V-MILK (FOAM) onto a piece of cotton wool and wipe off all trace of make-up , rinse off thoroughly with water. Or, apply V-MILK (FOAM) onto face, massage gently to clean the face and neck, rinse off.

用法 : 湿脸后, 將V-MILK 置于棉片上, 轻轻的擦拭脸颈部化妝油垢, 然后用水清洗干净. 或用V-MILK 轻轻的按摩清洗脸颈部, 然后用水清洗干净 .

V-Milk (3 in 1)(Foam)

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