• V-Remover

Formulation: Cream

Skin Type: All Types

Skin Concerns: Suitable for all type skin

Capacity: 155ml

Expiry Date: Normal expiry

Warranty: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Water based make-up remover, oil free. Excellent removing all trace of make-up of face and eyes. Protect against the pigment deposit into your skin tissue. This mild formula even can be used as a skin toner to provide hydrating, softening and moisturizing to your skin after cleansing. Suitable to all skin.

水质卸妆液,不含酒精,彻底地清除面部及眼睛的各种化妆,防止色素沉着于皮肤组织。温和安全配方甚至可以当作润肤水使用,在洁肤后为皮肤提供水份,柔软和滋润。适合于各种皮肤。 DIRECTION: For make-up removing: Apply V-REMOVER onto a piece of cotton wool, wipe off all trace of make-up, repeat if necessary. For skin toning: Apply this product onto your face, pat gentle to dry. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE



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